Pedagogical Practices of the Creative Process II

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Pedagogías de la Creación II.

Exchanging experiences and knowledge on filmmaking and audiovisuals

Following the warm reception of the seminar “Pedagogical Practices of the Creative Process: Ways of learning and teaching film and audiovisual art”, held during the 2018 DocumentaMadrid Festival, and in collaboration with Cineteca Madrid, a working group was created to address the concerns that arose during the seminar.

The group’s first proposal will be to organize two days at this year's festival, the outcome of both the reflections made at our meetings on film and education as well as our shared enthusiasm. On Saturday, May 11, we will present "Sharing methods", a space for exchanging experiences and methodologies for teaching film, and on Sunday, May 12 "Think while doing", a meeting on collective audiovisual creation for reflections that arise during practice.

We propose working from an interdisciplinary, interpersonal and integrated perspective, one to include both formal as well as non-formal and fringe education. We propose a cooperative space for sharing strengths, experiences and practices, in a more productive than reproductive way, so as to identify needs and provide answers.

El Patio
Collective for Film-Audiovisual Learning

Compartiendo métodos. CINETECA - Sala Borau. Saturday May 11th, 10 am. Laboratorio Pensar haciendo. Taller - Matadero. Sunday May 12th, 10 am. Free entry, with prior registration.