Live Cinema: Avalanche

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Avalanche Live

Avalanche is a long-term project dedicated to Hichigh one of the highest inhabited villages in the Pamirs, a region in Central Asia known as the roof of the world. As one of the most unknown regions of the world, the Pamirs are as mysterious as they are fascinating, home to some of the richest and most archaic traditions, considered the nest and origin of most of monotheistic beliefs. The Pamirs are the perfect site for understanding our spiritual journey as humans, working from the starting point of the cosmogony of local traditions and its music.

Avalanche is a multiformat work, an expanded ethnographic research study and film, based on the millenary spiritual richness of the region and its human ecology. An audiovisual meditation on disappearance and time, as well as the unstoppable avalanche of civilisation. The film follows the twilight of a village and the endurance and resilience of its inhabitants and traditions. A site-specific and open project, Avalanche is an audiovisual environment created and developed site-specificly to the location and event that hosts it. Avalanche is a research study on the relationship between film, music and landscape, dealing with its physical as well as spiritual dimensions, transporting the spectator into a state of flotation.

Carlos Casas





Sunday 12
12:00 h
Nave 0- Matadero
until 2:00pm. Free admission until full capacity is reached