Automating creativity

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Seminario sobre cine documental e inteligencia artificial

Seminar on documentary film and artificial intelligence

Could machines help us be more creative? The recent massive implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing a revolution in many areas of life, including those once believed to be irreplaceable, such as the creative arts. Cinema has also been affected by this transformation and the use of AI in the processes of creation and production offers new paradigms worthy of study.

The aim of this seminar is to bring these concepts and tools to the public. It will begin with an overview of AI in the art world, then will hone in on its possible applications in documentary filmmaking and then wrap up by analyzing automated processes in audiovisual writing.


- AI and Art:
Through relevant artists and work in the current contemporary art scene, we will explore the creative possibilities of AI.

Conference led by Luba Elliott. Curator, artist and researcher specializing in artificial intelligence in the creative industries. She has collaborated with The Photographers’ Gallery, the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence and Google.

- Documentary Film and Automation: Using various examples, we will explore the possibilities for AI use in documentary filmmaking.

Conference led by Jorge Caballero, filmmaker, teacher and researcher in cinema and artificial intelligence, and Anna Giralt Gris, documentary filmmaker and teacher of interactive narratives. They work together to develop film projects and research audiovisual media. Their most recent project is ARTIFICIO, a cinematographic and pedagogical series about the intersection of AI and several other artistic disciplines. Their work has been exhibited at festivals such as IDFA, SXSW, Cinéma Du Réel and Visions Du Réel, among many others. They run the production company GusanoFilms

- Generative writing: We will analyze the use of AI in creative writing, with examples such as Beyond the Fence, the first musical created using AI, and we will explore other possible uses in film projects.

Conference led by Pablo Gervás. PhD in Computer Science, expert in artificial intelligence. Professor in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Pioneer in the creative use of AI in writing.





Saturday 11
10:00 h
Free admission, with prior registration.
*The Luba Elliot conference will be held in English. No translation service shall be provided.