Corte Final

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Corte Final

2nd Professional Documentary Film Forum of Madrid

On the heels of the first edition's resounding success, DocumentaMadrid presents the second CORTE FINAL forum, a space for creativity in, and commitment to, Spanish film, the purpose of which is to provide support to independent and auteur documentary feature films in advanced stages of editing or postproduction. The aim of this forum is to create a space for discussing projects, boosting their quality and in so doing, their future prospects as well; to provide professional consulting so these films can be completed under the best conditions; to promote and encourage investment in these projects by granting various awards, all of which are to be meant for the final phase of film completion and are to be granted by recognized companies in the industry; to initiate productive and fruitful encounters between participants and professionals from the Spanish and international sector for creating collaborative networks among attendees and thereby encouraging them to give feedback indefinitely.

The selection committee was made up of Lola Mayo, (screenwriter, producer, teacher and filmmaker), Miquel Martí Freixas (film programmer and teacher) with Marta Andreu who, in addition, will be leading a preparation workshop for presenting projects to the selected filmmakers and will be the forum's moderator. In addition, three international professionals from the sector will serve on the Jury-Consultancy, whose mission will be to offer opinions and personalized advice on each project, while also choosing the winning film of the CORTE FINAL Award.

Four projects have been selected, one of which will win the award for the completion of the editing and postproduction work, thanks to the collaboration of important entities in the audiovisual sector: Aracne Digital Cinema, DRAX audio, NUMAX, 36caracteres, Festhome and the DOCMA association.


Tuesday 14

Preparation workshop, led by Marta Andreu (for CORTE FINAL participants only).

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16
Morning: Presentation and theatrical screening of projects, followed by debate and feedback on the projects (open to professionals with accreditation).
Evening: One-to-One meetings (participants only).

Friday 17
Conclusions (participants only).


Corte final 2


CINETECA - Plató. Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16, 9:00 am. Free admission only for professionals and accredited guests (depending on capacity)

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80 2019
Heidi Hassan
Patricia Pérez
Sentimental Education
65 2019
Jorge Juárez
Laura Herrero Garvín
Homeland Stone
75 2019
Macià Florit Campins