Live Cinema: Mutia

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Mutia Live

While developing my most recent film about the elephant cemetery, I tried to imagine what that jungle and landscape might sound like, where the mythical cemetery was going to be. To do this, I created a series of soundscapes to help me understand that park, imagine it; I tried to place it in the near future, around 2046. All the sounds that make up those landscapes or atmospheres come from my references throughout the project, and from the atmospheres and radiofrequencies captured during the filming in Sri Lanka; the deep jungles and magical places that helped me undertake that journey. When I finally finished editing and the film itself, I decided to rework those sessions, to create an album that would recap that entire imaginary world I had created. The album is a way of inviting audiences to undertake that journey with me.

For DocumentaMadrid, I decided to create a space where the audience can enter and wander around the Nave 0 freely, get lost and rest and get away from the barrage of images and films offered by the festival; I was interested in recreating those imaginary spaces and having the spectators create their own images…

Carlos Casas





Friday 10
17:00 h
Nave 0- Matadero
until 8:00pm. Free admission until full capacity is reached. World Premiere.