Corte Final

Cancion a una dama en la sombra

Documenta Madrid is dedicating this crucial space to supporting and debating projects in production or post-production. And it does so, for the first time, with prize-winnings to give a decisive boost to the creative, filmmaking and cultural industries in Spain. But Corte Final is more than just a competition between the selected projects; it is first and foremost a space for working, debating and thinking critically about films in their final stages. A forum for sharing ideas, reflections and providing knowledge, advice and impetus. It is where the cinema of the future comes to flourish. 

Sessions are not open to the public, for invited professionals only.

Programmeof Corte Final

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Song to a Lady in the Shadow
112 2021
Carolina Astudillo
72 2021
Carlos Pardo
50 2021
Nacho & Luis BRBR
You Left at Dawn
74 2021
Pedro Sara Vila