Documenta Madrid is the International Film Festival organized by the Madrid City Council. Founded in 2004, the festival will hold its 18 edition between May 26 and 30, 2021 for its in-person version, and will continue through June 6 in its online version

After the exceptional edition held in December 2020, Documenta Madrid returns to its traditional dates in the month of May, opting again for a hybrid edition that combines in-person screenings and online screenings, in addition to activities, meetings, and the Corte Final forum. 

Entering its 18th year, Documenta Madrid continues its ambition of serving as a meeting point, a space for reflection, an open place where the moving image can be at its freest, with no genders, labels or formats, a forum for discussion and a guide for understanding the present day. A space existing both physically and online, one that stresses the importance of discovering film in theaters while also embracing the opportunities of online screenings.

In its ongoing commitment to hold film-making considerations above those of run-time, categories or definitions, the 18th edition of Documenta Madrid will be including in its two competitive sections a new Fugas Award, which values innovation and creative risk-taking. Both the international and national competitions will thus have a special award recognizing films that escape definitions. In so doing, Documenta Madrid further strengthens its support for label-free filmmaking of all kinds, feature-length and short, documentaries, essays, hybrids and experimental, all competing on equal terms. 

Thanks to all those making this edition possible, those who make the films, those who produce, distribute and collaborate on them. And thanks to all those who, as audience members, join us year after year to make Documenta Madrid what it is. And thanks to the wonderful team for working tirelessly to put on a festival under the most challenging of conditions.

Welcome to Documenta Madrid 2021.

Documenta Madrid 2021