DocumentaMadrid 2017

Vieille femme l'aiguille

(Ticking Old Lady)

Elodie Ferré
16' / 2016 / France

An elderly woman sits by her window, knitting.
I always knew her this way.
I have only one 13-minute reel to film her.
I would like her to talk to me about time that passes before her eyes, of death that approaches.
She carefully tries to respond to this difficult question while the reel unwinds, irrevocably.

Main Festivals & Awards

London Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival (2017)

Director's Biography

Elodie Ferré studied anthropology in Canada. Back in Paris, she worked as an assistant director for various documentary productions.
At the crossroad between production and directing, Elodie studied filming in 2013 at l’Ecole des Gobelins and has been assisting filming crews on fiction films since then. In 2015 she directed her first documentary,
Zurückkommen, selected at Jerusalem JFF.
En 2016, laureate of a residency at Moulin d’Andé and a Scam grant (brouillon d’un rêve) she is writing a long feature documentary
Nicodème produced by De Films en Aiguille.

More information

Director:Elodie Ferré
Language: French
English and spanish subtitled
Screenplay: Elodie Ferré
Photography: Paul-Anthony Mille
Edition: Elodie Ferré
Sound: Elodie Ferré
Producers: Damien Ronfard


Friday 5th 21:30

Saturday 6th 16:30


(Cineteca screenings only)
From 3pm on 27 April

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