DocumentaMadrid 2017

Gathering about high-impact documentary films. Taking the screen by storm

A professional meeting about the communities successfully financing, producing and distributing documentary films

The spectator has broken through the screen to play a leading role. And no one has turned this revolution to its advantage more than the impact documentary. With the crowd movement taking hold, creative project promoters address, connect and get their audiences on board from the ideas stage, building active communities involved in everything from patronage to on-demand film distribution, using every imaginable window of exploitation. But what do we mean when we talk about the impact documentary? What is the nature of the partnership between citizens, social organisations and business?

We propose an event aimed at documentary film producers and professionals wanting to get to know and start exploring this ocean of opportunities by listening to some of its key players:

Paula Vaccaro has been working in radio, television, the press, digital platforms and film for nearly 25 years. In 2009 she set up the production company Pinball London Ltd, based in London, from where she has explored the vast majority of new distribution business models in both Europe and the United States.

Marta Esteban is Managing Director for North American organisation Animal Guardians and is President of La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture is not Culture), both of which collaborated on the full-length documentary film Santa Fiesta.

Ana Folgueira is a member of the board of trustees at the Llorente y Cuenca Foundation and founder of Impossible Tellers, organisations at the forefront of uniting innovative communication, business and social change.

Pablo Escobedo is head of Marketing and Communication at La Bolsa Social, a leading platform connecting investors and companies with a positive social impact.

Marc Prades is co-founder of Screenly, a web platform that enables on-demand screenings to be held in cinemas via crowd ticketing, a collective ticket booking system.

Miguel Ángel Rolland is producer and director of the documentary film Santa Fiesta as well as an expert in online communities and impact strategies.

Tània Balló is co-director and producer of the documentary Las Sinsombrero and founding partner at Intropía Media.

Marta Garcia Larriu is the director of Another Way Festival, the first film festival on sustainable progress, due to be held for the third time in Autumn 2017 in Madrid.

Helena Fernández is director of Las Espigadoras, a cultural management agency that promotes innovative dissemination and awareness-raising audiovisual culture projects using collaborative, sustainable models.


Saturday 6th 10:00

Free entry until full capacity and registration required.

This activity will be held in Spanish. Please for more information please click here.

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