DocumentaMadrid 2017

Seminar on digital strategies for independent documentary filmmaking

A technical/creative look at expressive tools and resources for independent digital documentary filmmaking

Aimed at filmmakers, these sessions offer an overview of the current state of digital documentary filmmaking, covering its technical tools, its expressive possibilities and the ways that the two areas interact.

The sessions are designed for creators who may lack technical expertise, to help them understand the existing creation tools and build a solid base that will enable them to take advantage of available resources, turning technology into an ally of creativity.

The objective is not for them to learn to handle a specific camera or editing software, but rather to give them a sound theoretical and technical base in regard to such tools, their aesthetic impact and the workflow of each project.

We will promote the notion that projects should be approached efficiently, with professional and competitive workflows that foster and facilitate the creative part of the work, resulting in projects created with technical assurance and artistic conviction that appeal to the international film scene.

The seminar also has a strong orientation towards independent work, stressing the importance of DIY (Do It Yourself) as well as low-cost and even free tools, with the aim of fostering creation under all sorts of circumstances to the greatest degree possible.


Monday 8th 10:00

Tuesday 9th 10:00

Wednesday 10th 10:00

Registration required
This activity will be held in Spanish. Please for more information please click here
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