DocumentaMadrid 2017

Meeting the directors

DocumentaMadrid wants to define a clear line of dialogue between film-makers, experts and audiences. The aim is to generate an ongoing, free flowing discussion that gives purpose to the concept of a film-loving community that we think should be part of the festival's identity. From 11am, at the Matadero Workshop, the DocumentaMadrid morning sessions will be filled with ideas, conversations and informal talks that all members of the public can freely attend. During these sessions everyone will be able to meet with film-makers from the various competition sections to ask questions and discuss any queries and issues that may have arisen from the previous day’s screenings. This is a unique opportunity to get a first-hand view of the motivation and urges that drive film-makers to produce their films and show them to audiences eager to share their creative experiences.

Meetings the directors, by days

SATURDAY 6, 11: 00h.
Roser Corella, ALA-KACHUU (Spain)
Pierre-François Sauter, CALABRIA (Switzerland)
Manuel Abramovich, SOLAR (Argentina)
Maite Alberdi, THE GROWN UPS / LOS NIÑOS (Chile, Colombia, France, Netherlands)
Michael Glawoger and Monika Willi, UNTITLED (Austria, Germany)
Elodie Ferré, TICKING OLD LADY (France)
David Pantaleón, EL BECERRO PINTADO (Spain)
María Ibaretxe and Alaitz Arenzana, Ms. Polaroiska, ANDREKALE (Spain)

SUNDAY 7, 11: 00h.
Chico Pereira, DONKEYOTE (Spain, United Kingdom)
Laura Herrero Garvín, EL REMOLINO (Spain, Mexico)
Quentin Ravelli, LADRILLO (Spain, France)
Violeta Blasco, Angélica Sánchez, Claudia Zegarra, CABEZA DE ORQUÍDEA (Spain)
Clara Martínez Malagelada, DIES DE FESTA (Spain)
David Muñoz López, EL MUNDANAL RUIDO (Spain)
Luis Macías, 25 CINES/SEG (Spain)
Nayra Sanz Fuentes, SUB TERRAE (Spain)

MONDAY 8, 11: 00h.
Alexandre Dereims, WE ARE HUMANITY (France)
Susana de Sousa, LUZ OBSCURA (Portugal)
Enrique Baró Ubach, LA PELÍCULA DE NUESTRA VIDA (Spain)
Rawane Nassif, TURTLES ARE ALWAYS HOME (Lebanon, Qatar)
Liliana Colombo, XXXXXXX (United Kingdom)
Eric Pauwels, LE DEUXIÈME NUIT (Belgium)

WEDNESDAY 10, 11: 00h.
Reber Dosky, RADIO KOBANI (P. Low, Turkey)
Rati Oneli, CITY OF THE SUN (Georgia, Qatar, P., USA)
Thiago Carvalhaes, A GIS (Brazil, Portugal)
Matteo Gariglio, EN LA BOCA (Argentina, Switzerland)
Damián Sainz, BATERÍA (Cuba)

THURSDAY 11, 11: 00h
David Arratibel, CONVERSO (Spain)
Ángeles Huerta, ESQUECE MONELOS (Spain)
Alberto Lobelle, PAISAXES DA CHAPELADA (Spain)
Rocío Montaño, NO HABLO RUMANO (Spain)

FRIDAY 12, 10:00h
Lissette Orozco, EL PACTO DE ADRIANA (Chile)
Rahul Jian, MACHINES (India)
Alejandro Alonso Estrella, EL PROYECTO (Cuba)
Sylvain George, PARIS EST UNE FETE- A FILM EN 18 VAGUES (France)
Sebastian Mez, POSTCARDS FROM THE VERGE (Germany, Palestine)
Xavier Marrades, CUCLI (Spain)
Nuria Giménez Lorang, KAFENEIO (Spain)
Adán Aliaga, THE FOURTH KINGDOM (Spain, USA)
Iban del Campo, TIGGER! (Spain)
Sylvain Cruizat, FIND FIX FINISH (Germany)
Emilio Moreno, THE I MINE (United Kingdom, Spain)


Saturday 6th 11:00

Sunday 7th 11:00

Monday 8th 11:00

Wednesday 10th 11:00

Thursday 11th 11:00

Friday 12th 10:00

Free entry until full capacity
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