DocumentaMadrid 2017


3rd Meeting of Digital Storytelling and Interactive Documentary Creators and Professionals.

This edition is devoted to studying financing and distribution strategies with particular attention to projects with a social impact, based on the experiences of five projects being developed in Spain, to be selected via this open call.

The selected projects will have an assessment session with professionals working in the production and development of digital storytelling. The event, organised by Lucía Andújar, a documentary film and digital culture specialist, will involve the RTVE Lab and professionals such as Jorge Caballero, director and producer at Gusano Films and coordinator of the Creative Documentary Master's course at UAB, and Susanna Lotz, coordinator of the i-Doc Workshop Development Lab in Nyon, plus others yet to be confirmed. This year, #hacerwebdoc is setting up its project launch platform in partnership with other markets and festivals in Europe, with the aim of increasing the number of Spanish projects on the international scene. Projects submitted to the open call will have access to the platform.


Lucía Andújar

Lucía Andújar holds a degree in Documentary Film and specialises in Visual Anthropology and Digital Culture. She directs and produces social documentaries. She is the promoter and coordinator of #hacerwebdoc, a place where interactive storytelling creators can meet at DocumentaMadrid. She is currently involved with Quepo, an organisation that creates transformation strategies and connects audiovisual, participation and new narratives. One of its current projects is Transmedia ProjecteFAM.

Jorge Caballero

Producer and director at Gusano Films and extended documentary coordinator on the Creative Documentary Master's course at UAB. His most recent work includes Transmedia Paciente and the webdoc Las Fronteras.

Susanna Lotz

Producer of the Web department at ARTE, which developed the first in-house webdocs and now coordinator of the i-Doc Workshop Development Lab at Cinéma du Réel.


Thursday 11th 16:00

Friday 12th 11:00

Friday 12th 16:00

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