DocumentaMadrid 2017

Dream Box

Jeroen Van der Stock
42' / 2017 / Belgium, Japan

At a building in the midst of mysterious Japanese woods, a delivery of cats and dogs takes place. Some of them just seem to be killing time, others enter the Dream Box.

Main Festivals & Awards

International Film Festival Rotterdam (2017)

Director's Biography

Jeroen Van der Stock (1979, Belgium) graduated in 2002 at the Luca | School of Arts Brussels (department Audiovisual Arts / Film). In 2004 he was invited to study Chinese in Shanghai on a one year scholarship, but decided to stay a few more years in China.

He travelled three times to the Congo (2007-2010) to collaborate on two documentaries by Bram Van Paesschen:
Pale Peko Bantu Mambo Ayikosake and Empire of Dust. Jeroen made his debut feature documentary film Wild Beast, an intimate portrait of a Chinese film extra, in 2008. Wild Beast was selected at various international film festivals and aired on VRT/ Canvas.

Jeroen moved from China to Japan in 2009 to work on his second documentary feature
Silent Visitors. The latter premiered at CPH:DOX 2012, screened at festivals such as Planete Doc Film Festival Warsaw, Gijon International Film Festival and Jeonju International Film Festival. Silent Visitors won the Award for Best Film at the Iselp Art Film Festival in Brussels.

His most recent film is
Dream Box which will have its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2017.

More information

Director:Jeroen Van der Stock
Language: No dialogue
Screenplay: Jeroen Van der Stock
Photography: Xavier Van D'huynslager
Edition: Bram Van Paesschen
Sound: Jeroen Van der Stock / Boris Debackere
Producers: Steven Dhoedt
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