DocumentaMadrid 2017


Quentin Ravelli
83' / 2017 / France, Spain

In Spain, bricks epitomize an economic triumph turned into a huge collapse. From factories that are closed half of the year, ghost towns to mortgagers facing eviction, Bricks shows how the life of a simple commodity is the mirror of a global crisis.

Director's Biography

Quentin Ravelli writes and conducts research in the area of Social Science. Born in Paris in 1982, his current work focuses on the financial crisis and new social movements. He wrote a book on the pharmaceutical industry, followed by two novels under the name of Clément Caliari. His first film, on the crisis in Spain, is combined with a travel guide to La Sagra, an area between Toledo and Madrid where most brick factories are located. He tries to blend economics, politics, sociology and aesthetic reflection on industrial work.

More information

Director:Quentin Ravelli
Language: Spanish
English subtitled
Screenplay: Quentin Ravelli
Photography: Cécile Bodénès
Edition: Catherine Mabilat
Sound: Alvaro Silva Wuth
Music: Thierry Mazurel & Yann Pittard
Producers: Carine Chichkowsky


Friday 5th 19:30

Saturday 6th 22:00

Sunday 7th 19:00
Centro Cultural Daoz y Velarde


(Cineteca screenings only)
From 3pm on 27 April

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