Documenta Rebveals


REBEL from the act of rebelling, to defy or oppose something. REVEAL from the act of revealing, of making something invisible, visible. These two concepts, which differ by just two letters, are the essence of Rebveals, the Cineteca film series for the educational community.

In line with past experiences, Rebveals sets aside some space in Documenta Madrid to bring some more risk-taking filmmaking to secondary school students. For this special edition of Documenta we will devote one morning in the Azcona theater to the screening of two films from the festival's national competitive section. The screenings will also include a discussion with the the films' directors, festival programmers and Cineteca film experts, who will invite those attending to debate and express their ideas about the social, ethical and cultural issues dealt with in the films. In short, by using the viewing experience, participants are encouraged to discover a new way of collective learning, critical approaches and enjoyment through film.

AZCONA THEATER. CINETECA Wednesday, December 9, 12:00 a.m. For educational centers, with prior registration.
Alejandra Nonell, Irene Herrero del Valle, Sofía Schiavoni, Alba Sofía Naseiro Lamas
25’ | 2020 | Spain
Pilar Monsell
14’ | 2020 | Spain