Panel discussion: Ibermedia

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Effective changes to the rules regulating the Ibermedia program for documentary films

One of DocumentaMadrid's goals is to promote and encourage professional contact in order to improve any and all areas of documentary film. The Ibermedia program is in the process of reviewing the rules that regulate its aid. This program is one of the major financial pillars used by producers of Iber-American documentary film for carrying out their projects. For this reason, the two entities have come together to create a panel discussion that brings together representatives of the Ibermedia program with filmmakers, producers and distributors, all of whom are very aware of the current needs and shortcomings in documentary film production. To improve the program's current rules and regulations for receiving aide, the table will propose and bring about improvements and changes resulting from the dialogue among filmmakers.

Participating in the panel discussion will be Victor Sánchez, Technical Coordinator of IBERMEDIA and Elena Vilardell, Technical Secretary and Executive of the IBERMEDIA program, along with members of Cineteca Madrid, DOCMA, APPA, Unión de Cineastas, ProDocs, Media Program among others.

Through this initiative, DocumentaMadrid seeks to further serve as a professional meeting point for further strengthening ties in the documentary film community.

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Monday 7

  • 10:00 h
  • Cineteca. Plató
  • By invitation only.