A Virxe Roxa

In its official section, Documenta Madrid has opted, for the most part, for works produced in 2022. But the fact remains that 2021 was a remarkable year in terms of quality and quantity of works. Therefore, given their relevance, certain films from the previous year deserved to have a space in this 19th edition of the festival, and thus gain another chance to reach the audience.

The section Perspectivas, in the virtual headquarters of the festival, comprises some of the best works of the past year, which deserve to be seen, admired and acknowledged.

Films available on Filmin from May 30th to June 5th

Programmeof Perspectivas

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Just one dime, touching allowed
14 2021
The red virgin
93 2021
Marcos Nine
At one point they were the same person
23 2021
Victoria Oliver Farner
Welcome Mr. Banksy
86 2021
Carlos A. Quirós
On Shadows
60 2021
Joan Tisminetzky
The bunker
42 2021
Marcos García
And Yet They Were There
30 2021
Marta Álvarez
Lucien Petitjean
José Nicolás
Carolina Astudillo
Margarita Ledo. Talking to myself
20 2021
Xisela Franco Costas