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Amor sin Ciudad

A trilogy of feature films in which fragments of the lives of a series of characters intertwine to form a complex, radiant puzzle. Cinema made by teenagers and young people at risk of social exclusion, who film and interpret their experiences, going beyond the limits of cinematographic representation. A self-portrait from the margins. Undomesticated. Made at the Cineteca Madrid Escuela Dentro Cine and Matadero Madrid, an artistic and therapeutic project directed by Pedro Sara and Violeta Pagán, that can be enjoyed in the festival’s virtual format, on FILMIN.

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Amor sin ciudad
68 2020
Pedro Sara
Violeta Pagán
Light sensitive ages
63 2019
Violeta Pagán
Pedro Sara
55 2022
Mikaela Cilindro
Marta Mosquera
Dafne Ramírez
Jackie Meylin Sandoval
Mariamu Toure