Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum: Present and future of Documentary Film in Spain

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Spain is experiencing a great moment in terms of the production and quality of documentary work thanks to a series of filmmakers and producers who have positioned the country as a benchmark in this genre. Paradoxically, it is becoming increasingly complicated to maintain the viability of documentaries due to their complex distribution across cinemas, platforms and on television, which derives from a series of factors.

This Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum aims to analyse the causes that prevent the sustainable growth of this type of work while also seeking solutions for a stronger distribution of these works that will bring us closer into line with our European neighbours. Documenta Madrid presents itself as a space where prominent creators, producers, distributors, exhibitors, VOD platforms, associations and other industry agents will dialogue under three fundamental axes: Creation and Production, Cinemas and Platforms and, finally, Distribution, International Sales and Festivals.

Our main goal is to turn Documenta Madrid into a space where the different industry agents can talk and work to promote the documentary genre, and to produce a White Paper on recommendations for the different government bodies for the 20th edition of Documenta Madrid.


10.00AM / Creation and Production

Speakers: Luis Ferrón (producer – La Cima), Paula Palacios (producer – Morada Films), Jamie Weiss (producer – El Viaje Films), Nathalie Trafford (producer – Paraíso Production), Gemma Vidal (producer), Jorge Ortiz de Landázuri (producer – Movistar +).

12:30PM / Cinemas and Platforms 

Speakers: Jaume Ripoll (Filmin), Eva Rekettyei (Yelmo Cines), Octavio Olaizola (Cines Renoir), Jesus Mateos (Cines MK2), Julia Duque Guasch (Arte France).

5:00PM / Distribution and Festivals

Speakers: Manuel Asín (Punto de Vista IFF), Maria Ramia (IDFA IFF), Gloria Bretones (Begin Again), Laura Pérez Camiña (BTeam Pictures).

If you are interested in attending any of the tables, please send your request by email to (registrations in order of application until full capacity is reached).

Viernes 27 de mayo, Matadero - Taller - 10:00, 12:30 y 17:00 h.