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2nd CORTE FINAL Professional Forum


  • The third edition of the CORTE FINAL Professional Forum will provide support to Spanish-produced or co-produced films in an advanced phase of editing or post-production 
  • The new submissions deadline for projects is March 16
  • The International Film Festival will hold its 17th edition from May 4 to May 10, 2020

View the rules and regulations for the 3rd CORTE FINAL Professional Forum

Submission form for projects

Documenta Madrid extends submissions deadline for the 3rd CORTE FINAL Professional Forum, a space providing support to aesthetic films that are inspired by the various forms of non-fiction and are in an advanced stage of editing or post-production. Until March 16, filmmakers can submit their projects to participate in this forum, where advice and reflection is shared among professionals. 

The 17th International Film Festival of Madrid, promoted by the Madrid City Council and organized by the Cineteca, will be held from May 4 to May 10, 2020.  With CORTE FINAL, Documenta Madrid provides the opportunity for participants to delve deeper into the creative, technical, production and distribution aspects of their works. The curators of this year's edition, Cecilia Barrionuevo and James Lattimer, and Gonzalo de Pedro, the artistic director of the Cineteca, are committed to this professional space, which “has established itself as a privileged place for fostering creativity and supporting the efforts of filmmakers working in the field of nonfiction.” Joining the guest curators and the Cineteca artistic director on the selection committee will be the filmmaker and teacher Lola Mayo and the filmmaker, researcher and programmer Guillermo G. Peydró.

The projects selected will also compete for the CORTE FINAL Award,  sponsored by major companies in the audiovisual sector.  The company Aracne DC will be the lead collaborator in the post-production phase of the winning film, with services worth €7,500, while for the sound post-production, the company DRAX Audio will be providing services at its studio worth €7,000. 

In addition to sound and image services, the winning project of the CORTE FINAL Award will also receive aid for its distribution phase, thanks to the collaboration of the subtitling company 36caracteres, the distribution platform Festhome and the documentary film association DOCMA. For the third time in as many years, these companies will be helping the selected project get completed under the best possible technical conditions.  

The 3rd CORTE FINAL Forum will make it possible to hold fruitful dialogue in a collaborative environment open to the professional public. Every day will be structured as follows: in the mornings the works-in-progress will be screened and their directors will get the chance to present them to the audience and receive advice; in the afternoons, the filmmakers will have private and individual meetings with the advisors to discuss their projects. 

Until March 16, all interested filmmakers can submit their project for free. Spanish productions or co-productions will be eligible, as are works in development whose directors are of Spanish nationality, even if they do not have a Spanish producer.  Projects must be in an advanced stage of editing, with filming already completed or nearly completed, with a rough-cut between 50 and 120 minutes long. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the rules or film submission process should be addressed to the festival team at info@documentamadrid.com.