Documenta Madrid organizes the first Dialogue Forum on the current state of documentary filmmaking and will offer three master classes given by ECAM

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Los majos del Manzanares

The 19th edition of Documenta Madrid, the International Film Festival of the Madrid City Council, announces the celebration of the first Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum, a meeting between different industry agents to study the viability of documentaries, as well as a series of training activities as a result of its collaboration with the ECAM, School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid.

On the one hand, Documenta Madrid shows its will to transform by calling for dialogue and the proposal of real solutions to all parties involved in the process of creation, production and distribution of a documentary work in Spain today and, on the other hand, it is committed to the training and education of creators and professionals in the documentary industry with the involvement of the great film school of Madrid.

Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum: Present and Future of Documentary Film in Spain

Spain is experiencing a great moment in terms of the production and quality of documentary work thanks to a series of filmmakers and producers who have positioned the country as a benchmark in the genre. However, every day it is more complicated to maintain its viability due to the complex distribution in theaters, platforms and televisions. Documenta Madrid, as a festival dedicated to these non-fiction works, has to have a responsibility with the works once they go outside and therefore has created the first Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum, which this year is called Present and Future of Documentary in Spain

This first Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum, which will take place on May 27th, will analyze the causes that prevent a sustainable growth of the documentary genre and, above all, will focus on the search for solutions for a more robust circulation of this type of works that will bring us closer to our European environment. Thus, Documenta Madrid is configured as a space where creators, producers, distributors, exhibitors, VOD platforms, associations and other industry agents can dialogue under three fundamental axes: Creation and Production, Cinemas and Platforms and, finally, Distribution, International Sales and Festivals. 

The main objective is to turn Documenta Madrid into a space where the different agents of the industry can talk and work towards the documentary genre, and the generation of a white book of recommendations for the different administrations in the 20th edition of Documenta Madrid.

Free master classes given by the ECAM

Documenta Madrid allies with ECAM betting on a network of new creators who can count on the festival as a screen for their projects. Thus, this year there will be three workshops, free and with prior registration, eminently aimed at training: 

The first of them, The sound in non-fiction cinema. The case of El año del descubrimiento, will choose one of the most popular Spanish documentaries of the last few years to analyze the meticulous work of documentary sound, the narrative engine through which images are built in non-fiction films, with the participation of its sound engineers Jorge Alarcón and Alberto Carlassare. 

The next activity, Economic Sustainability Workshop, will be a master class given by José Alayón, founder and executive producer of El Viaje Films, and Jamie Weiss, in charge of international production. Both will talk about their experiences, creative processes and the road they have traveled to position El Viaje Films as one of the most internationally renowned independent film production companies. 

Finally, the Environmental Sustainability Workshop will aim to train attendees to develop a basic sustainability plan to ensure good practices in filming and help them access film subsidies. Eduardo Vieitez and Yolanda Costas, from Crest, will be responsible for this workshop.