Documenta Madrid 2022 presents its visual identity created by BRBR and Lua Ribeira

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Documenta Madrid 2022
  • The Madrid-based collective, in collaboration with photographer Lua Ribeira, are the authors of the images that make up the visual identity of this edition.
  • The series, made up of four images and a 30-second spot, is entitled Los majos del Manzanares and reinterprets Francisco de Goya's painting The Blind Hen.
  • BRBR won last year's Documenta Madrid Corte Final Award for its project La mala familia, while Lua Ribeira is a member of the emblematic Magnum photography agency.

Documenta Madrid, the International Film Festival of the Culture, Tourism and Sport Area of the Madrid City Council, presents the official image of its 19th edition, which this year is in charge of the Madrid collective BRBR and the photographer Lua Ribeira. The festival will be held from May 24 to 29 in person and from May 30 to June 6 online through the VOD platform Filmin.

Documenta Madrid has been offering risky and contemporary visual proposals for several years. After two editions experimenting and exploring on the formal, from photography as a discipline twinned with cinema, this year the invited artists resume the pulse of documentary and naturalistic photography in a framework of free expression.

The BRBR collective, in collaboration with photographer Lua Ribeira, the third Spanish woman to be chosen as a member of the emblematic Magnum agency, have created a series of images that combines several aspects that summarize the spirit of this edition of Documenta Madrid: the commitment to talent, entrusting the project to young people from a Madrid neighborhood who make their own production for the festival; creation based on the past, reinventing and resignifying it; and the dialogue between disciplines.

The series of images, entitled Los majos del Manzanares, is based on Francisco de Goya's well-known painting La gallina ciega (The Blind Hen). It refers to the popular classes of Madrid in the 19th century who, as a vindication of the local against the French, began to dress and behave in a distinctive way to differentiate themselves from the upper class, who did dress in the French style.

"The relationship of Documenta Madrid and BRBR is very close. In 2021 they won the Final Cut Award for their project La mala familia and this new collaboration has emerged in a very natural way, closing a cycle and creating synergies. Nacho A. Villar and Luis Rojo, who head the collective, know how to pick up the pulse of their environment in a wonderful and close way, and they do it with real elegance, as can be seen in their audiovisual works. Photographer Lua Ribeira completes this artistic team. Ribeira not only works in documentary photography, but also works from the idea of cooperation in creation, something that is 100% aligned with the festival," explain Mariana Barassi and Diego Rodríguez, guest curators of the 19th edition of Documenta Madrid.

The collective versus the individual
The image of this edition, completely analog -the campaign has been shot in 16mm by Michal Babinec, director of photography of the BRBR collective, and images in 120mm in the form of documentary photography by Lua Ribeira-, portrays a group of young people from the outskirts of Madrid emulating Goya's painting and interacting with each other in a free and natural way. It is a work made in the south of the city of Madrid that delves into the collective versus the individual, the human versus the synthetic -machines or algorithms- or what defines an individual as part of a community -physical traits, traditions, clothing or identity-. This group of kids, self-referred to as La Mala Familia, are friends and regular collaborators in BRBR's projects, thus closing a circle on and off the screen. The sound part of the film has been executed jointly by the group Paciencia, and Acacia Ojea, sound artist and DJ.

An image that invites physical contact and collective affection as an expression of life and enjoyment, always necessary, but even more so now in times of post social isolation and after several editions of the festival marked by the pandemic. Because the individual isolates, like the blindfolded young man in the center of the image, who starts playing, smiling, enjoying, embracing, living, in short, as soon as he interacts with the rest of the group and takes off the blindfold. That is Documenta Madrid, a window to experience the human and the collective from the movie theater.

This artistic project made up of four photographs and a 30-second spot will be shown during Documenta Madrid in different promotional materials and in cinemas.

About BRBR
Pronounced [ be re 'βer ], is a film collective based in Madrid and London, born in 2014 in the music video and urban music scene, betting on new formats and a pioneering cinematographic and artistic vision at the time. Recognized as one of the most promising emerging European talents, he has been included in the prestigious Saatchi&Saatchi New Creators Showcase list and recognized in festivals such as CdeC, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, El Sol, Shots, Ciclope, Young Director Awards, or Berlin Commercial.

His artwork combines a carefully crafted aesthetic with a solid and consistent narrative. BRBR's vision introduces a dreamlike and fabulous tinge to a realistic and raw imaginary. BRBR's first feature film, La Mala Familia, will premiere at festivals in 2022. With a cast made up exclusively of non-professional actors, the film portrays the reunion of Andrés, after obtaining his first prison leave, with the rest of his group of friends. After spending a pleasant summer day in a swamp on the outskirts of Madrid, at sunset they must resolve problems from the past that continue to threaten their freedom.

BRBR is formed by Luis Rojo, Nacho A. Villar, Michal Babinec, Javi Tasio, David Rancel, Javier Viera Makerfly, Raúl Liarte.

About Lua Ribeira
Lua Ribeira's artistic practice is characterized by its collaborative nature, extensive research and an immersive approach. She is interested in using the photographic medium to create encounters that establish relationships and question structural separations between people. Ribeira was born in 1986 in Galicia. He graduated in Graphic Design at BAU School of Design, Barcelona, in 2011, and graduated in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales in 2016. Since then she has continued her academic engagement as a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, the University of the West of England, Bristol, or the Complutense University of Madrid.

Documenta Madrid 2022
Documenta Madrid, the International Film Festival of the Area of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Madrid City Council, aims to recover the collective audiovisual experience understood as an activity of essential dialogue between the viewer and the cinema. In its 19th edition, the festival will be curated by two prestigious international programmers, Mariana Barassi and Diego Rodríguez, under the direction of Cineteca Madrid, headed by Luis E. Parés. Interdisciplinary creation, in situ experience, training and development spaces will be the central themes of this edition of the festival.