Manuela De Laborde
Mexico, United States of America
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By abstracting concepts from their concrete properties, Laborde looks to create [virtual] spaces and [regenerate] the image. Inspired by simplicity of expression and economy of detail, her practice is a meditation on physical presence.

Conceptually informed by artist Manuela De Laborde’s active filmgoing, this piece takes as its point of departure prop sculptures which are transformed both through hybrid techniques of framing, lighting, and superimposition and the influence of the silent architectural space of the cinema.
The sculpture’s materiality points to the materiality of film, and their stillness shares the spectators anchored bodies in their seat. The almost absent sound, made in collaboration with Camila De Laborde. Various continuous noise layers offer direction through the film while specific sounds, flirting with the cinematic sync, refresh the image and bring the spectator’s attention to the present moment.

AS WITHOUT explores the possibility that the surface of things is worthy of its own depth - for and in themselves - demanding to be seen and confronted as they exist.


- Toronto International Film Festival, Wavelengths
- 25 FPS Festival in Zagreb
- 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam - Competition Tigger Shorts 2017
- 40th Portland International Film Festival
- New Directors/New Films - MoMA + Film Society of Lincoln Center
- EXiS festival - Seoul

Director biography

Manuela De Laborde

Manuela de Laborde is an artist and filmmaker from Mexico City. Laborde’s practice, by abstracting concepts from their concrete properties, looks to create [virtual] spaces and [regenerate] the image. Inspired by simplicity of expression, economy of detail, location of exhibition, her practice is a meditation on physical presence. To the eye, her work carries aesthetic claims and pleasure; yet in its presentation is performative and in its purpose, conceptual.

In 2012 she exhibited her solo show, Maquettes, in Generator Projects, Dundee; in 2013 screened, Sun, at London MexFest with the live score of Camila Fuchs; her short films Viveros, The exponential Nature of Images and Le Visible et L’Invisible where shown at Antimatter FF, Jihlava IDFF and Milwaukee UFF; and this year her thesis film, As Without So Within, was screened at Toronto International Film Festival, Winnipeg WNDX (Best International Short), 25fps Festival in Zagreb (Grand Prix), FICM of Morelia and International Film Festival Rotterdam, New Directors MoMA + FSLC and VideoBrasil among others. Manuela is currently one of the ‘resident’ filmmakers for Oberhausen Film Festival - Conditional Cinema for which she is finishing her film, Ficciones. During October this year Manuela attended the artist residency at LIFT (Liason of Independent Filmmakers in Toronto).




Friday 04
20:30 h
Círculo de Bellas Artes. Cine Estudio


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Manuela De Laborde
Manuela De Laborde
Manuela De Laborde
Camila De Laborde
Manuela De Laborde