Life Dances On

Life Dances On
Robert Frank
United States of America
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Life Dances On is Robert Frank’s most personal and emotional work because it deals directly with his family and close friends. The film is dedicated to his daughter Andrea and to his friend and collaborator Danny Seymour, both deceased. Life Dances On is composed of delicately balanced, intuitive moments that merge Frank’s own sense of loss for two people close to him with several filmed portraits of those who share his life, including his family and people on the street in New York City.

Biografía del director

Robert Frank

Robert Frank (b. 1924, Zurich) is one of the most well-known and acclaimed photographers in the world. Yet he was also a filmmaker, a fact that comparatively few remember or are even aware of. From 1959 onwards, he put his work as a photographer on hold to focus on cinema, going on to complete more than 25 films over a 50-year career until his death in September 2019. Many of these are regarded as seminal works within the international independent and documentary scene.

Photo credit: Dodo Jin Ming




Wednesday 16
20:00 h
Filmoteca Española. Cine Doré.


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Robert Frank
Robert Frank, Gary Hill, Danny Seymour
Gary Hill
Robert Frank