Holy Days

Holy Days
Narimane Mari
France, Morocco
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The most elementary and yet most complex of narratives: a man digs his own grave to bury himself in it. In the meanwhile, animals and the elements try to stop him from doing so. Life and death contained in a hypnotic, circular and mystic-inspired visual poem that reminds us humanity has never been the center of nature, nor has it ever held supremacy over the gaze. Mari explores this kind of post-humanist film, full of uncertainties and mysteries. A cinema that dies and gets reborn, this time elemental and stripped down, reincarnated in free thinking among images, beings and situations that, more than being a philosophy of images, is a new way of feeling.

Featuring a presentation and discussion with Narimane Mari and live music by Cosmic Neman, Lori Schenberg and Quentin Rollet at the screening on Wednesday, May 3.

The Saturday, May 6 screening includes "Holy Days", an accordion concert by Lucie Taffin and the world premiere of "S'il etait une fois" (2023, France, no dialogue, 70'), the latest film by Narimane Mari.

Director biography

Narimane Mari
Narimane Mari

Narimane Mari (Algeria, 1969) is a filmmaker and artist. She thinks of cinema as a form of experience and her films develop alternative states of perception. Winner of the Jury Prize at FID Marseille, CPH:DOX and a regular presence at the most prestigious international art film festivals, her work crosses the boundaries between documentary, experimental and fiction filmmaking. Her work has also been exhibited at the Georges Pompidou Center, MoMA, Reina Sofia Museum and documenta 14 (Kassel). She has made the feature films Bloody Beans (2013), Le fort des fous (2017) and On a eu la journée bonsoir (2022) and the medium-length film Holy Days (2019). She works closely with the musicians Cosmic Neman, Lori Schonberg and Quentin Rollet to create the soundscapes in her films. From her production company, Central Electrique, she has produced films for Hassen Ferhani, Djamel Kerkar, Nicolas Klotz and Elizabeth Perceval and Pawel Wojtasik, among others.




Wednesday 03
20:30 h
CINETECA - Sala Azcona
Opening. Featuring a presentation with Narimane Mari.
Saturday 06
19:00 h
Museo Reina Sofia. Edificio Sabatini, Auditorio


No Dialogues
Narimane Mari