Terrorismo de Autor
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Esto is a demonstrative pronoun in Spanish. Esto is the pronoun that points to something and identifies it in terms of the temporal distance separating it from the speaker. Esto is a tragic essay on memory, time and death, on ancestors and descendants, spectres that cross through the law of silence to dialogue with the living. Esto is a gardener's shears pruning the branches of his family tree. Esto is a story of reds and fascists, of identity as a trench, a homeland or death in life. Esto is an intergenerational dialogue between converts where each generation disowns its predecessor. Esto is yet another film about the civil war. Esto is a Spanish film, very Spanish, as Spanish as Manolete and roadside graves.

Director biography

Terrorismo de Autor

Terrorismo de autor is an audiovisual collective whose work is framed within essay, documentary and experimental cinema. His practice assumes a critical heritage that is not exempt from irony and profanation. La memoria es nuestra, Yo me lo creo, ¡Cuánto te Debord! or La gran ilusión are some of his works.




Friday 27
19:00 h
CINETECA - Sala Borau


Spanish - Subtitles in english
Terrorismo de Autor