Errores, tecno, espectros

Abel Hernández
Blanca Velasco Navarro
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Errores, tecno, espectros is a session by Blanca Velasco and Abel Hernández presented by mediadistancia. Combining visual projection with sound performance in a space open to improvisation, different types of glitches will be generated and explored, reflecting on error and its paradoxical nature. The glitch appears as an opportunity to reveal the invisible. The mediadistancia collective is presenting this session under the belief that the cinema auditorium should be a space open to new audiovisual formats, going beyond the classical idea of the cinematographic event and our relationship with images.

Director biography

Abel Hernández

Abel Hernández is a musician, composer and producer in the Spanish and international pop scene, in projects including Migala, Emak Bakia and El Hijo. Since 2000, he has worked on the production of albums by artists such as McEnroe and Tulsa. He is also the author of original music for films, such as La casa Emak Bakia (Oskar Alegría), and other works for television and cultural events.

Blanca Velasco Navarro

Blanca Velasco Navarro (1988) is a designer and visual artist. Since 2018, she has been working on Abel Hernández’s musical project, El Hijo. In 2020, she took a postgraduate course in film curating at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, where she completed the interdisciplinary research project Apocalipsis Glitch: Poéticas del error en el cine.




Saturday 28
19:00 h
CINETECA - Archivo


Abel Hernández, Blanca Velasco Navarro