Crossroads. El viaje circular de Boa Mistura

Crossroads. Boa Mistura´s Full Circle Journey
Boa Mistura
Dan Barreri
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Crossroads. Boa Mistura´s Full Circle Journey

CROSSROADS talks about art as a tool for transformation.

The outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa is the epicenter of an inspiring journey through the work of Boa Mistura, the international art collective with roots in graffiti and Urban Art. Along the way, Urban Art becomes the vehicle connecting the lives of a resident in a São Paulo favela, a young man from a slum in Kibera, Kenya, an indigenous Mapuche woman in northern Chile, a Syrian refugee and a woman from a fishing village in the Dominican Republic. These little encounters made through painting are the seed of change for those living in the communities, and in the collective as well.

The discussion after the screening will feature: Pablo Purón and Javier Serrano (BoaMistura), Dan Barreri (director), José Robles (Galería Ponce + Robles) and will be moderated by Raúl Torquemada, director of the Madrid Film Office.

With the participation of Madrid Film Office.

Director biography

Boa Mistura
Boa Mistura

A multidisciplinary team with roots in graffiti art, Boa Mistura was born at the end of 2001 in Madrid. Its work is mainly carried out in public spaces. They view their profession as a tool for transforming the city and creating bonds between people. This artistic collective is made up of Javier Serrano Guerra, Juan Jaume Fernández, Pablo Ferreiro Mederos and Pablo Purón Carrillo, lifelong friends and founders of this groundbreaking design and graphic art studio.

Dan Barreri
Dan Barreri





Saturday 06
12:00 h
CINETECA - Sala Azcona


Spanish - Subtitles in spanish and english
Boa Mistura, Dan Barreri