Communicating Vessels

Communicating Vessels
Annie MacDonell
Maider Fortune
Spanish Premiere
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A professor sits before her computer and talks about one of her students, E., a college misfit who makes videos of a bracing clarity, like experimental cinema of the past, like the work she herself used to make. Her account continues in voiceover and maybe the images we see are taken from them, patterns on naked backs, bright plastic masks, interlocking glass pipes and tubes; one of her videos is also called Communicating Vessels. E. is troubled and soon the professor is too; when you film real life, its problems always enter the frame. Where does one stop and the other begin? (JL)


-IFFR - Amodo Tiger short - 2020

Biografía del director

Annie MacDonell

Annie MacDonell is a visual artist. Her practice begins from the photographic impulse to frame and capture, and is concerned with the production and circulation of images in the present moment. Her work includes film, installation, sculpture, performance and writing in addition to photography.
She received a BFA from Ryerson University in 2000, followed by graduate studies at Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains, in France. Recent solo shows have been held at Gallery 44, Toronto, Parisian Laundry, Montreal, the Art Gallery of Ontario. Recent performances have been presented at Nuit Blanche Toronto, le Centre Pompidou and the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2019, her films have screened at TIFF and the Viennale. In 2012 she was short-listed for the AGO AMIA prize for photography, and she was long listed for the Sobey Art Award in 2012, 2015 and 2016. She is a founding member of Emilia Amalia, a feminist research and writing group. She is an assistant professor at Ryerson University and lives in Toronto with her family.

“Cinema and Visual Pleasure” 16mm, 8 minutes, 2001
“The Fortune Teller”, 16mm and dv, 16 minutes, 2015
“Book of Hours”, 8 minutes, 16mm transferred to dv, 2019
“Communicating Vessels” (with Maïder Fortuné), Film 4K, 35 minutes, 2020

Maider Fortune

Maïder Fortuné, studied literature and theatre before entering Le Fresnoy National Studio
for Contemporary Arts, where she developed a performance-related practice of the technological image. With its great formal rigor, Fortuné’s work commands all the viewer’s attention for a genuine experience of the image and its processes. Recently, her practice turned to more narratives preoccupations. Lecture performances and films deeply rooted in writing, are the mediums she process to open up new narrative strategies.

Her work has been exhibited internationally (Europe, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan). In 2010 she won the Villa Medicis fellowship in Roma, Italy. Recent shows and performances have been held at Gallery 44, Toronto, Centre Pompidou Paris, and the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2019, her mid-length film L’inconnu de Collegno was part of IFFR Bright Future selection. In 2020, Communicating Vessels won the Ammodo Tiger short award at IFFR Rotterdam.

Communicating vessels (with Annie Mac donell) Film 4K, 35’, 2020
L’inconnu de Collegno, 4K, 50’, Spectre Productions. 2018
Jacare Film HD, 16/9, PAL, 26’, 2016
The yellow blind HD, 7’, 2015
LEJ#1 , HD, 01h07’ , 2013
Carrousel, HD Mscope, 13’, 2010
Curtain! HDcam, 18 ‘, 2008
Licorne Digital Beta, 7’, 2007
Totem DVcam, 10’, 2001




Friday 11
18:00 h
CINETECA - Sala Azcona


English - Subtitles in spanish
Annie MacDonell, Maider Fortune
Annie MacDonell, Maider Fortune
Annie MacDonell, Iris Ng, Maider Fortune
Annie MacDonell, Maider Fortune
Polina Teif, Julia Wittman
Maider Fortune, Annie MacDonell

       From 10 to 20 December