Juana Dolores

Actor, videoartist and writer
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All her work is based on the tension between ideologies and beauty. She studied acting at the Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic del Teatre (Barcelona) and later began Estudis Literaris at the University of Barcelona. She has published the collection of poems Bijuteria (56th edition of the Amadeu Oller Catalan Poetry Prize, 2020, Edicions Galerada). In video art and video essays, she works with archive images, as can be seen in her pieces Limpieza (2020), a critique of the precariousness of care and domestic work, and Santa Bárbara (2020), a tribute to the miners' struggle. Miss Universo (2021) is her first film. In theatre, she has written, performed and directed #JUANA DOLORES# * massa diva per a un moviment assembleari * (2019-2020, Antic Teatre) and is currently working on * HIT ME IF I'M PRETTY * o Vladimir Maiakovski es va suïcidar per amor.