Jose Luís Cienfuegos

Film programmer
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Director of the Seville European Film Festival since 2012. Member of the Committee of Experts for the European Film Academy. Film programmer for various public and private institutions. On the team organizing the European Film Awards held in Seville in 2018.  He was director of the Gijón Film Festival from 1995 to 2011. Ten years on the selection committee of the Lux Awards given by the European Parliament.  Regularly serves on committees for distribution, project development and state and regional aid. Jury member in Rotterdam, San Sebastian and the Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires; also on the Jury of the Arts for five editions of the Princess of Asturias Foundation. As part of the Cultural work of Cajastur, he developed training courses, film series and the Intersecciones Festival for 15 years, where he put on conferences, film events and national and international independent music. He has worked in the press offices and for RNE in Asturias, Radio 4.