Günter Schwaiger

Filmmaker and producer
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After studying ethnology and theater at the University of Vienna, he moved to Spain in the 1990s to dedicate himself to filmmaking. Since then, he has directed short films and documentaries that have participated in national and international festivals, where they have received numerous awards. He has also directed theater and opera. Some of his internationally award-winning films include  Santa Cruz por ejemplo  (2005),  El Paraíso de Hafner  (2007),  Arena  (2009),  La Maleta de Marta  (2013) and  Desde que el mundo es mundo  (2015). He is currently completing his first fiction feature Der Taucher (The Diver) and is preparing his new documentary project La Cebolla de Braunau. He is a member of the European Film Academy and the Film Academies of Austria and Spain.