Ane Rodríguez Armendáriz

Film curator and programmer in the field of visual arts and culture management
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Professional in the field of culture management at various Spanish institutions over the last 17 years.  She holds an MA in Film Criticism and History from East London University and trained in film programming at the BFI in London. She has been in charge of the Center for Artistic Residencies at Matadero Madrid since 2020. One highlight of her career is the work she did as cultural director at the Tabakalera (2012-2019). She was responsible for arranging the cultural project’s opening and implementation, which included programs for training, mediation, exhibition and creation in the field of contemporary art, and film most of all. Over the course of that time, she worked with such artists as Maryam Jafri, Yto Barrada, Eric Baudelaire, Itziar Okariz, Adrià Julià, Jumana Manna, Uriel Orlow and Filipa César, among others. In the field of cinema, some of her most notable work was co-organizing of the residency program for the Ikusmira Berriak audiovisual projects, as well as organizing the international film seminar at Tabakalera from 2016-2019.  During that time, she was also involved in starting up the Elias Querejeta Zineskola film school at Tabakalera. She still maintains ties to the school today as a project tutor. She has taken part on several juries and selection committees for production grants and residencies. Her experience in Spanish art institutions includes the contemporary art fair in Madrid, ARCO (2006-2010), where she was in charge of curated programs and international galleries; MUSAC, the contemporary art museum of Castilla y León, where she was the museum’s general coordinator and deputy director (2010-2011) and Matadero Madrid, as part of the programming team (2011-2012).  Trained in journalism, she soon got involved in art management following her experience at several galleries in London and after having completed postgraduate degrees in film and art. Back in Spain in 2004, she joined the team of the biennial Manifesta 5 in San Sebastian. She has also collaborated with the San Sebastian Film Festival.