DocumentaMadrid announces the four films to be competing in the 2nd CORTE FINAL Professional Forum

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Still photo from the film A la voz.


  • The feature films, all in an advanced state of postproduction, A media voz, La Mami, Pedra Pàtria and La educación sentimental, selected to the 2nd CORTE FINAL Professional Forum
  • With this section, DocumentaMadrid gives support to independent projects that are Spanish productions or co-productions and markedly auteur in nature
  • The DOCMA association and the NUMAX cooperative join the companies collaborating on the Corte Final Award: Aracne DC, DRAX audio, 36caracteres and Festhome

At last year's edition of the festival, DocumentaMadrid launched the CORTE FINAL Professional Forum, a new space for lending support to independent Spanish-produced or co-produced documentaries that are markedly author in nature and in an advanced stage of editing or postproduction. It is at critical moment just prior to doing the film’s final cut that these four projects find themselves in, upon being selected to the 16th edition of the festival to be held between May 9 and 19: A media voz (Patricia Pérez and Heidi Hassan), La educación sentimental (Jorge Juárez), La Mami (Laura Herrero Garvín) and Pedra Pàtria (Macià Florit Campins). For three days, the directors of these feature films will receive consulting from other professionals and will reflect on their own work with guidance from the producer and documentary development expert, Marta Andreu.

The four features will also compete for the CORTE FINAL Award, sponsored by such companies and organizations in the audiovisual sector as Aracne DC, DRAX audio, NUMAX, DOCMA, 36caracteres and Festhome.

The advisory jury for the 2nd CORTE FINAL Forum is made up of the producer Valérie Delpierre (Verano 1993, Los desheredados), the editor Isabela Monteiro (Desde allá, Praia do futuro) and the filmmaker Andrés Duque (Ensayo final para utopía, Oleg y las raras artes, Carelia). The forum will be moderated by the producer Marta Andreu, who was already in charge of coordinating this space last year.

A MEDIA VOZ / Patricia Pérez and Heidi Hassan

Producciones de la 5ta avenida y Matriuska Producciones (Cuba and Spain)

The dialogue of this self-ethnographic documentary revolves around the audiovisual correspondence between two filmmakers and Cuban emigrants. Two childhood friends entering their 40s who, facing the challenges of emigration, try to rebuild their lives far from Cuba. An intimate and revealing film about friendship and exile.


Produced by Jorge Juárez (Spain)

La educación senitmental is a first-person description of the director Jorge’s transitioning from youth into (an increasingly deferred) adulthood. A traumatic transition, where the innocence of early life is essentially abandoned after sentimental break-ups, job and artistic disappointments and where the weight of the nuclear family is understood as both a source of support as well as one of repression.

LA MAMI / Laura Herrero Garvín

Cacerola Films and Gadea Films (Spain and Mexico)

Inside the legendary Barba Azul Cabaret, one of the rooms has become a shelter for the girls working there: the women's bathroom. Every night La Mami, who's in charge of the bathrooms, offers them the warmth and advice they need to take on the challenge they face in the dance hall. Today Priscilla has arrived with a sick child and in need of work.

PEDRA PÀTRIA / Macià Florit Campins

Elsabeth produccions and La Perifèrica (Spain)

Pedra pàtria (Homeland Stone) is an autobiographical reflection on Menorcan identity. From a collection of letters, Macià, a filmmaker living in the city, delves into the personal history and sublime landscapes of Menorca, which he shares with his little brother, Lau, who decided to be a farmer on the island where they were born.


The DOCMA association and the NUMAX cooperative, new CORTE FINAL collaborators  

DocumentaMadrid's CORTE FINAL Award provides support to documentary film creators to help their projects not only to succeed under the best conditions of post-production sound and image, but also to find aide from professional experts in the process of subtitling, distribution and digital communication.

Since the first edition of CORTE FINAL, the company Aracne DC has collaborated by awarding the winning film image post-production work valued at €7,500, and the company DRAX audio with sound post-production valued at €7,000. Collaboration has also come from the subtitling company 36caracteres and the distribution platform Festhome. These companies will now also be joined by the Galician cooperative NUMAX, who will provide a web design, programming and support service valued at €3,500, and the DOCMA association, which is offering a €1,000 cash prize together with a free consulting service from the association during the first year and a copy of the book "Filmar lo que no se ve" published by DOCMA.

At last year's DocumentaMadrid, the feature film project that won the Corte Final Award was Mercedes, a Brazilian-Spanish co-production directed by Isabella Lima. In addition, the film My Mexican Bretzel by Nuria Giménez won the jury special mention, while one of the films that participated in the 1st Corte Final The Fourth Kingdom (Adán Aliaga and Àlex Lora) returns to the festival as one of the films selected to the festival's competitive section.