Awards #Documenta2019: International Fugas Section

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The jury of the International Fugas Section, made up of the artist and special guest from Barcelona, Carlos Casas, the Brazilian filmmaker Marília Rocha and the film programmer, researcher and teacher Noemí García, has awarded the First Prize of the Jury, worth 10,000 euros, to the French-Belgian film Mitra, by Jorge León, for "its formal richness and its capacity to interweave languages from the performing arts with film language, from an empathy-focused ethics toward the subjects-turned-collaborators".

The Second Prize of the Jury of the Fugas Section, worth 5,000 euros, has gone to the Colombian film Lapü  by Juan Pablo Polanco and César Alejandro Jaimes for "its ability take us into a universe that is between the dreamlike and the real, giving us a poetic vision of an ancestral ritual". They also awarded an "ex aequo" special mention to the Swiss films Shooting Crows by Christine Hürzeler (Switzerland) "because it skillfully tells us a meticulous and mysterious story about a possible encounter between species" and Sombra Luminosa by Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela (Portugal) for "its formal liberty in revealing hidden worlds through the imaginative reinvention of the archive".