A punto de despegar

Just About to Take Off
Lorena Best
Robinson Díaz
Spanish Premiere
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Arms constantly demolishing walls and houses. Others insist on cleaning and ordering rooms that will no longer exist next day. Collapse and resistance coexisting. In A punto de despegar, we witness the disappearance of San Agustín, the last town to survive the era of great haciendas in Lima. The expansion of the airport was the reason the entire place was expropriated, and with its demolition comes the end of various traditions and ways of life. Modern Peru is a one-way train with no return, with no room for the archaic. A respectful camera preserves the faces, expressions and words from those final days. A film built up over a decade of friendship with residents. A farewell radiating affection, intimacy and unease in equal measure.

Fernando Vílchez
Film programmer, filmmaker and Director of Filmadrid


- FIC Valdivia - Special Mention of the Jury International Feature Film (2015)
- Lima Transfrontera International Film Festival - Best Trans-Andean Film (2015)
- Film Week of the University of Lima - Best Peruvian Film (2016)

Biography of the director

Lorena Best
Lorena Best

Majored in Social Communications and a Master's in Social Memory from the Universidad Federal of Rio de Janeiro. She and Robinson Díaz co-directed the feature-length documentary A punto de despegar (2015). Director of the documentary Las Lecturas (2015) produced by the Casa de la Literatura Peruana. Staff member of the Transfrontera Film School (Peru-Chile), collaborator on the Tejiendo Imágenes project (Bolivia), collaborator on the Translab- International Transcinema Film Festival (Peru). Coordinator of the Audiovisual Training and Experimentation Laboratory at the Centro de Menores in Lima (2016-2018). Professor of Communications and Interactive Media at the UPC. For 15 years she has been working with audiovisuals for intercultural artistic education in Peru. She has gotten to know San Agustín since 2002 and starting in 2008, she worked on a documentary photography project with the town's children and young people. Director of the Wamayllu Comunidad de Niños NGO (education, art and interculturalism). Consultant for the MINEDU and MINCUL, head of the practicum for the Documentary and Other Forms of Non-Fiction course in the Department of Communications at the PUCP. Professor of the Thesis Research Workshop in the Department of Communications at the UPC.

Robinson Díaz
Robinson Díaz

He studied Audiovisual Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru. He was assistant director on the short documentary La Calma, which competed for the Golden Bear in its category at the 61st Berlinale. He has worked for years at the Institute of Ethnomusicology in the Universidad Católica, where he devoted himself to documentary filmmaking.
As a writer, in 2004, he won the essay contest El libro en la cultura humana, the text of which was published by the Universidad Católica of Peru. He also wrote the preface to the poetry collection by Lena Retamoso Milagros de Ausenci. He has also done film criticism for the blog La Cinefilia no es Patriota. He is currently a collaborator with the Independent Lima Film Festival and a partner in the production company Bergman Was Right Films, whose first documentary feature film is in the editing process. At the same time, he is shooting his next feature film, an essay film.




Tuesday 14
19:30 h
Casa de América (Cine Iberia)
Introduced by Fernando Vílchez


Spanish - Subtitles in spanish and english
Lorena Best, Robinson Díaz
Robinson Díaz, Lorena Best
Robinson Díaz, Lorena Best
Fabiola Sialer
Johuseline Porcel
Ina Mayushin
Production companies
La Churunga Films