The Women
Ahmed Lallem
Algeria, France
Spanish Premiere
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Maldoror works alongside Ahmed Lallem as his assistant director to show young Algerian teenage girls talking about their hopes and desires for the nascent country. The film is an important counterpart to The Battle of Algiers, a film on which Sarah Maldoror and Gillo Pontecorvo would also work together.

Biography of the director

Ahmed Lallem
Ahmed Lallem

One of the closest filmmakers to the Algerian FLN in its early years and the liberation movement of the country, born in Setif (Algeria, 1940-Tous (France), 2009). He worked as a war reporter on the border, with training in Yugoslavian television in Belgrade, and filmmaking studies in Poland (Loz) and France (Paris). Author of numerous short films about revolutionary society, most notably the feature film Zone interdite-Al-faiza (1974), in which he reconstructs what Argelia is through the use of archive footage. His medium-length film Elles (1966) captures the hopes of a group of young women following Algerian independence. Three decades later, he shot Algeria, 30 years later (1995), in which he finds these women long afterwards, when disenchantment towards the revolution becomes an inevitability. Lallem would go on to be one of the soundest critics of the country's Islamization.




Saturday 18
19:00 h
Museo Reina Sofia. Edificio Sabatini, Auditorio


French, Arabic - Subtitles in spanish and english
Ahmed Lallem
Ayudante de dirección
Sarah Maldoror