Crónica de un baile de muñeco

Chronicle of a Puppet Dance
Pablo Mora
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Crónica de un baile de muñeco

"To take a picture of someone, to put them in a video moving and walking, is to take their spirit away". More than just an ethnographic record, Crónica de un baile de muñeco provides an account of the tradition’s varying levels of interpretation and, in particular, two that come into confrontation with each other and find points of dialogue: for the Western, keeping records of memories, for the indigenous, to do without them. While the Yucuna community prepares this ritual, a representation that accompanies men and animals for the sacred understanding of their lives, this documentary is built from out of the overlap that can occur when combining -and negotiating- the viewpoint of the one doing the filming, and that of the one being filmed and observed in their rite: the performers of the Yucuna community.

Diana Bustamante
Producer and Film Programmer


- Latin American Film and Video Festival of Buenos Aires - Special Mention for Cultural Value (2005)
- Voices Against the Silence Festival - Honorary Mention (2004)
- DocumentaMadrid (2010)

Biography of the director

Pablo Mora
Pablo Mora

Anthropologist with a Masters in Anthropology from the Universidad de los Andes. Researcher of media, indigenous cinema, identity, memory, art and conflict. Writer and teacher of Documentary film and Visual Anthropology at various universities in Colombia. Filmmaker, director and producer of documentaries and series for radio and television on cultural diversity. Consultant for community and indigenous audiovisual communication collectives. For four years, he was director of the International Documentary Film Exhibition of Bogotá, the MIDBO and the founder and promoter of the Indigenous Film and Video Exhibition of Colombia, DAUPARÁ.




Saturday 18
19:30 h
Casa de América (Cine Iberia)


Spanish, Yucuna - Subtitles in spanish and english
Pablo Mora
Mauricio Vidal
Élver Cárdenas
Clara López