Ata tu arado a una estrella

Tie your Plough to a Star
Carmen Guarini
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In 1997 the Argentine filmmaker Fernando Birri returned to his home country to film a documentary on the 30th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara and the relevance of utopias at that time. Carmen Guarini decided to record those moments. A rough edit of this film was hidden away on a fragile VHS tape for twenty years. Today, these images come to life and shed some light on the life of this Latin American poet and master filmmaker, who, at the age of 92, still refuses to give up on his own utopias.

Awards and festivals

- Punta del Este International Film Festival. Uruguay (2018)
- FICCI International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias. Colombia (2018)
- Malaga Film Festival. Spain (2018)
- Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2017)
- Havana Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema (2017)

Biography of the director

Carmen Guarini
Born in Buenos Aires in 1953. A filmmaker and anthropologist, she did her doctorate in Anthropological Film at the University of Paris X (France) under the direction of Jean Rouch (1988). She is also a researcher and professor at the University of Buenos Aires, in Documentary Film at the Universidad del Cine (FUC) and at the EICTV in Cuba. In 1986, she and Marcelo Céspedes co-founded CINE OJO, a pioneering documentary film production company in Argentina. She has also co-directed the DocBuenosAires Festival since its founding in 2001. In 2008 she created the production company El Desencanto Films.

Selected filmography:
Hospital Borda, un llamado a la razón (1986); La noche eterna (1990); La voz de los pañuelos (1992); Jaime de Nevares, último viaje (1995); Tinta Roja (1998); H.I.J.O.S, el alma en dos (2002); El diablo entre las flores (2005); Meykinof (2005); Gorri (2010); Calles de la memoria (2013); Walsh entre todos (2015).

Image gallery
Tie your Plough to a Star Tie your Plough to a Star Tie your Plough to a Star Tie your Plough to a Star


Monday 7

  • 19:30 h
  • Casa de América. Cine Iberia
  • Coloquio con Carmen Guarini
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Carmen Guarini
Carmen Guarini
Carmen Guarini, Martín Gamaler
Carmen Guarini
Adrián Rodríguez
Gustavo Pomeranec
Marcelo Céspedes
Production company
El Desencanto Films