La Grieta

The Divide
Irene Yagüe, Alberto G.Ortiz
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Following the local government's sale of thousands of public apartments to foreign investment funds in 2013, many families living in Madrid were forced to leave their homes. This film takes a hard look and, despite the implicit drama, is not without humor when it comes to two women and their families reluctant to leave the unique neighborhood of Villaverde. (LGV)

Awards and festivals

- Seminci - DOC Spain (2017)

Biography of the director

Irene Yagüe Herrero
A Bachelor degree-holder in Journalism and specialist on International Information in Countries in the South from Complutense University of Madrid. For three years, she wrote for various media outlets in Guatemala, where she also worked as a researcher.

It was in Central America where her interest in cinema was first piqued, working on the photography and production of the documentary
Quien dijo miedo (Katia Lara, 2010) about the coup d'état in Honduras. In 2011 she collaborated on the fiction feature film Aquí me quedo (Rodolfo Espinosa).

Alberto García Ortiz
He grew up in Egypt and Ecuador before returning to Spain. Bachelor degree holder in Economics / Business from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He combines different jobs with documentary and experimental filmmaking.

Largely self-taught, he made several short films before starting on
A ras de suelo, a descent into the bowels of the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid and the dizzying transformation it is undergoing. A three-year journey of simultaneous filming and editing. In November 2007, he started on another feature film would become Los Ulises, a second feature film born in March 2011 which tells about the peculiar and little known struggle of a group of young people from India, "trapped" in the legal limbo that is Ceuta. This film’s visual and narrative style guarantees it will be making a long journey through international festivals.

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Sunday 6

  • 19:30 h
  • Cineteca. Plató
  • Q&A with Alberto G.Ortiz and Irene Yagüe

Thursday 10

  • 19:00 h
  • Auditorio y Sala de Exposiciones Paco de Lucía
  • 22:00 h
  • Cineteca. Plató

Friday 11

  • 19:00 h
  • Centro Cultural Carril del Conde

Saturday 12

  • 19:00 h
  • Sala Equis

Sunday 13

  • 19:30 h
  • Cineteca. Plató
Data sheet
Irene Yagüe, Alberto G.Ortiz
Spanish, English - Subtitled in English and Spanish
Irene Yagüe, Alberto G. Ortiz
Alberto G. Ortiz
Alberto G. Ortiz, Irene Yagüe
Irene Yagüe
El Luisito
Irene Yagüe, Alberto G.Ortiz
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