Room for a Man

Habitación para un hombre
Anthony Chidiac
Lebanon, United States of America
Spanish Premiere
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A house in Lebanon. An inflexible family bound to its roots and its strict class-based ethic. A complex mother and an absent father. A sensitive, intimate and painful self-portrait, in which the same space of emotional and psychological reclusion becomes a place for creativity and liberating struggle. Room for a Man is a painful confession, a search for freedom with filmmaking as a driving force for change. (DV)

Awards and festivals

- Montreal RIDM - Grand Prize (2017)
- Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (2018)

Biography of the director

Anthony Chidiac
Born in Beirut in 1988, he graduated from St. Joseph University with a BA in Audiovisual Studies. His diploma short film Kfarhanem’s Inn was screened at the Cabriolet Film Festival in Lebanon, the Kelibia Film Festival in Tunisia, on MTV Lebanon and on BBC Arabia on the program Alternative Cinema.

In 2010, Anthony participated in The Exchange Program – a collaboration between The National Film School in Denmark and the Screen Institute Beirut, during which time he shot the documentary
Equal Men in Copenhagen. The film was eventually screened at Beirut Cinema Days. In 2013, he co-wrote (with Selim Mourad) and directed his first medium-length fiction film Maman, Non, Merci, screened in various European and Arab film festivals. His first feature documentary, Room for a Man is one of twelve films selected for the 2017 International Feature Competition at RIDM in Montreal and was awarded the Grand Prize.

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Wednesday 9

  • 18:00 h
  • Cineteca. Sala Azcona
  • Q&A with Anthony Chidiac

Friday 11

  • 16:00 h
  • Cineteca. Sala Azcona
Data sheet
Anthony Chidiac
Arabic, French, Spanish - Subtitled in English and Spanish
Anthony Chidiac
Anthony Chidiac
Anthony Chidiac
Lama Sawaya
Serge Yared
Carole Abboud, Talal Al-Muhanna
Carole Abboud - production - Gemayze, St Maron Street, Oneissy Bldg - Beirut (Líbano) - +961 3692592 -