DocumentaMadrid 2017

We are Humanity

Alexandre Dereims
90' / 2016 / France

On a remote island of the Indian coast, the first humans are still living in a forgotten world. The Jarawa people have left Africa to Asia 70,000 years ago. Up to now, they had managed to shelter themselves from the madness of our world. Today, their lives are threatened.

The Jarawas had refused any contact with the outside world for millennia. For the first time ever, they have granted a film crew an incredible access. 80 years after F.W. Murnau filmed
Tabou in the Pacific Islands, Alexandre Dereims filmed in the last pristine and native world in the Andamans Island.

Main Festivals & Awards

One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (2017)

Director's Biography

Alexandre Dereims has been working as a documentary film director for more than fifteen years. His work tells human rights issues and exile stories.
His documentary films have been widely broadcasted by television networks such as France 5, Canal + and Arte in France, YLE in Finland, TSR in Switzerland, ABC Australia, SVT in Sweden, TVE in Spain, KBC in Korea, etc.
He was awarded the International Red Cross Committee prize in 2007 and the Albert Londres prize in France and the Golden Nymph in Monaco in 2009 for his documentary about North-Korean defectors.

More information

Director:Alexandre Dereims
Language: Jarawa
English and spanish subtitled
Screenplay: Alexandre Dereims
Photography: Raphaël Bauche
Edition: Gabriel Humeau
Sound: Romain Colonna d'Istria
Producers: Claire Beilvert
International Sales:
Claire Beilvert, producer


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