DocumentaMadrid 2017

Los nios

(The Grown-Ups)

Maite Alberdi
82' / 2016 / Chile, Colombia, France, Netherlands

A group of friends with Down's Syndrome have been going to the same school for 40 years, they've done all the courses, they've been there for longer than all the teachers, and even their parents, who used to take them, aren't around anymore. Now they must fight to get a better job, earn money like everyone else, learn to look after themselves and, at the age of 50, try to stop people treating them like children.

Main Festivals & Awards

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA (2016)
Guadalajara International Film Festival (2017)
International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias (2017)
Miami Film Festival (2017)
True/False Film Fest (2017)
IFF Panama, International Film Festival of Panama (2017)

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA - IDFA AWFJ EDA Award for Best Female-Directed Documentary (2016)
Miami Film Festival - Zeno Mountain Award (2017)

Director's Biography

Chilean documentary film director and producer. She studied Audiovisual Directing and Aesthetics at the Catholic University of Chile. As a director, she has developed her own distinctive style characterised by the intimate portrayal of small worlds. In 2011 her first full-length film The Lifeguard debuted at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) to international acclaim. She set up her own production company, Micromundo, through which she directed her second film, Tea Time, also premiered at IDFA in 2014 and which has already earned her more than 12 international awards, including at festivals like Guadalajara, DocsBarcelona, Miami, FICCI, SANFIC and EIDF Korea. The film was also nominated for a Goya 2016 Award for best Ibero-American film. In 2016 she premiered the short film I'm Not From Here which has won awards at major festivals and was nominated for a European Films Award. She is co-author of the book Theories of Documentary Film in Chile1957-1973. She teaches at several universities in Chile, and has been selected as a member of the Global Shapers Community by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

More information

Director:Maite Alberdi
Language: Spanish
English and spanish subtitled
Screenplay: Maite Alberdi
Photography: Pablo Valdés
Edition: Juan Eduardo Murillo-Menno Boerema
Sound: Boris Herrera
Music: Miguel Miranda, José Miguel Tobar
Producers: Maite Alberdi


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Sunday 7th 17:00

Saturday 13th 19:00
Centro Cultural Eduardo rculo


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From 3pm on 27 April

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