DocumentaMadrid 2017

Les images parfaites

(Perfect Images)

Béatrice Plumet
44' / 2016 / France

Given my interests in hypnosis techniques I immediately noticed the similarities with that I've been asking to my models to do when we are face to face to stare at me blankly. Focused on their attempts to refrain from blinking as a starting point, I ask myself if hypnosis could help me to create these images I find so fascinating.

Main Festivals & Awards

Hors Pistes Productions, Centre Pompidou (2016)
The Sacramento French Film Festival (2017)

Director's Biography

After studying at the Cergy Pontoise National School of Art, Béatrice Plumet is interested in several forms of narrations, and alternates fictions, video art and documentary.

She started series of snapshots shown in various places of exhibitions with a device acting like mirrors in 2009 and it is the origin of the film
Immobiles. The Hors-Piste Festival proposed her a solo-show at the Pompidou Center. The images produced with the complicity of the spectators in the cinema gave rise to the film Les images parfaites (2016).

Chroniques impatientes, an autofiction, questions the abstraction through the history of an organ donation and follows the first part of the story, Capture mode, realized in 2010.

More information

Director:Béatrice Plumet
Language: French
English and spanish subtitled
Screenplay: Béatrice Plumet
Photography: Alexis Kavyrchine, Pascal Auffray, Guillaume Brault
Edition: Céline Cloarec
Sound: Ivan Gariel


Sunday 7th 16:30

Monday 8th 19:00


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From 3pm on 27 April

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