DocumentaMadrid 2017

Cabeza de orqudea

(Orchid Head)

Violeta Blasco, Germán López, Carlotta Napolitano, Angélica Sánchez y Claudia Zegarra
21' / 2016 / Spain

Angélica has a problem with her sexuality, a psychological and physical block. Through a video diary she shares with two other women, she tries to understand what is happening in her mind and in her body. An exciting look at a world of mysteries and erotic expectations. Desires and questions in the upheaval of growing up, while the body continues to change at a frantic pace.

Main Festivals & Awards

Visions du Réel – Festival International de Cinéma Nyon (2016)
Bogoshorts Festival, Bogotá (2016)
Catalonia Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (2016)
Costa Rica International Film Festival (2016)
Short Circuit. Santiago de Compostela International Film Festival (2016)

Catalonia Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival – SGAE New Authorship Prize for Best Direction- Production (2016)
Costa Rica International Film Festival. Special Mention (2016)

Director's Biography

Angélica Sánchez (Cartago, Costa Rica, 1990)
She obtained a degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Production at San Judas Tadeo University in Costa Rica. As a journalist she has written articles on architecture, art and culture for a number of magazines. She later specialised in Film and Photography.

Violeta Blasco (Castellón, 1990)
She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Jaume I University. Asghar, diario ambulante (Asghar, Travelling Newspaper), her first short film, won the Jury Prize at Barcelona Visual Sound 2014 and the Audience Prize at Barcelona Creative Commons 2014. She also co-directed Sacristán together with Octavio Guerra, which won the Richard Leacock prize at the 2015 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival.

Germán López G. (Ecuador, 1988)
After obtaining his degree in Communication and Journalism at the Catholic Pontifical University of Ecuador, he worked as film editor and cameraman for the national television programme Día a Día (Ecu).

Claudia Zegarra (Lima, 1981)
She studied Communication with a special emphasis on Journalism at Lima University. She has worked as a television producer on cultural series.

Carlotta Napolitano (Naples, 1987)
She holds a degree in Anthropology from La Sapienza University in Rome. She studied Film Directing and Digital Editing, working especially with Photography. In 2012 she completed a visual project entitled Poesie d'amore (o della pietra).

More information

Director:Violeta Blasco, Germán López, Carlotta Napolitano, Angélica Sánchez y Claudia Zegarra
Language: Spanish
English subtitled
Screenplay: Violeta Blasco, Germán López, Carlotta Napolitano, Angélica Sánchez y Claudia Zegarra
Photography: Violeta Blasco
Edition: Carlotta Napolitano, Germán Andrés López
Sound: Claudia Zegarra P.
Music: Antonio Raia, Jack d’Amico, Giovanni Filpi
Production: UAB - Máster en Teoría y Práctica del Documental Creativo


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From 3pm on 27 April

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