DocumentaMadrid 2017

25 CINES/seg

Luis Macías
38' / 2017 / Spain

First Prize for the Best Short Film

During the filming of a documentary about abandoned cinemas, a conflict of interest between the director and producer prevents the film from being shot.
This won’t stop the cinema from being demolished… or a documentary from being made about it … or the director from managing to make the film…

Director's Biography

Luis Macías is an artist, filmmaker, image recycler and film researcher. He is a member of the duo Crater and is a co-founder of CRATER-Lab, an independent analogue film laboratory managed by artists.
His projects in film and/or video format are designed for both single-channel projection as well as performance and installation art.
In parallel, he also holds theoretical and practical workshops specialising in various varieties of experimental film: appropriation, ‘cameraless’ film, Super 8 and 16mm and/or experimental development, in film schools as well as art centres and museums.
His work has been seen at festivals and art centres in Barcelona (L´Alternativa, Loop, Europes, Primavera Sound, Sonar, Mostra Súper 8, Zumzeig), A Coruña (S8), Bilbao (MEM), Salvador de Bahía (Museum of Modern Art), Caracas (Cinemateca Nacional, Museum of Fine Art), Quito (Cine Ocho y Medio), Mexico City (Centro Cultura Digital), Oaxaca (CaSA), New York (Millennium, Microscope Gallery, Mono No Aware), Los Angeles (Echo Park Film Center), San Francisco (ATA Site. Crossroads Film Festival, Cinemateque SF), Grenoble (Le 102), Lyon (Le Periscope), Nantes (Re-MI), Lausanne (Cinema Oblo), Geneva (Cave 12), Buenos Aires (Biennale of Moving Images - BIM), the Netherlands (Rotterdam Film Festival), Detroit (Ann Arbor), San Francisco (Crossroads), Portugal (Curtas Vila do Conde), Korea (Exis) and Brazil (Curtas Belo Horizonte, Dobra).

More information

Director:Luis Macías
Language: Spanish
English subtitled
Edition: Cristobal Fernandez
Sound: Jonathan Darch
Music: Ross Bolleter


Saturday 6th 19:00

Sunday 7th 21:30

Sunday 14th 17:00


(Cineteca screenings only)
From 3pm on 27 April

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