27 APRIL / 08 MAY


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They will be awarded in accordance with the judgements given by the attending audience by way of votes issued when the films are being shown.

Audience vote


  • 9.01


    Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami / 2015 Audience Award
  • 8.9

    The Babushkas of Chernobyl

    Holly Morris, Anne Bogart / 2015
  • 8.75

    Les Sauteurs (Those who Jump)

    Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner, Abou Bakar Sidibe / 2016 Jury's Second Prize, consisting of 5,000 € and a trophy.
    “We were wowed by how Moritz Siebert and Estephan Wagner make an effectively portrait of the drama of African migrants by the decision of giving the camera to one of them: Abou Bakar Sidibe. These intimate images, almost like a home movie style, is the very opposite of the dehumanized surveillance camera that monitors the border day and night and makes no distinction at all in those silhouettes, which seem only dark spots into the distance, leaving out the dreams and hopes of the humans behind those shadows.”

  • 8.62

    Plaza de la soledad

    Maya Goded / 2016
  • 8.59


    Tatiana Huezo / 2016 Special mention of the jury
    “The film director Tatiana Huezo achieves, in such a subtle and emotional way, to rescue testimonies which describe the profound injustice and corruption in Mexico. She puts a face to the stories of those innocent citizens that otherwise could have remained invisible.”

  • 8.58

    When Two Worlds Collide

    Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel / 2016 Jury's First Prize, consisting of 10,000 € and a trophy.
    "We have chosen this film because, from different points of view, in an eloquent and poetic way, Heidi Brandenburg and Matthew Orzel reconstruct the struggle for the defense of the Amazon of the Peruvian indigenous leader Alberto Pizango and his community. They put their own bodies and their lives on risk into this unequal and unjust struggle, which not only concerns to them but to all of us in an increasingly urgent way. When Two World Collide is a film that captivates, agitates and inspires from begining to end."

  • 8.41

    Holy Hell

    Will Allen / 2016
  • 8.38

    A Good American

    Friedrich Moser / 2015
  • 8.07

    The Land of the Enlightened

    Pieter-Jan De Pue / 2016 Jury's Special Prize, consisting of a diploma.
    “Because of its originality and the absolute cinematographic mastery displayed by the director and cameraman Pieter-Jan de Pue, in his way of portraying the bleak and brutal life, rarely seen, of the Afghan children forced to survive in a land at war; in such a quasi-apocalyptic world.”

  • 8.01

    В лучах Солнца (V luchakh solnca) (Under the Sun)

    Vitaly Mansky / 2015
  • 8

    Credit For Murder

    Vladi Antonevicz / 2015
  • 7.93

    Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

    Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato / 2016
  • 7.83

    Hooligan Sparrow

    Nanfu Wang / 2016
Audience vote


  • 8.39

    Yo no soy de aquí (I'm not from here)

    Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė / 2016 Audience Award
  • 7.65

    Ojo Salvaje (The Rate's Cut)

    Paco Nicolás / 2015
  • 7.62

    Then Then Then

    Daniel Schioler / 2015 Jury's Second Prize, consisting of 2,000 € and a trophy.
    "By the power of its plot, the strength of both its structure and language, its archive value and uniqueness, we decided to give the second prize of documentary short film in competition to Then Then Then"

  • 7.54

    A Man Returned

    Mahdi Fleifel / 2016
  • 7.26

    Bacon & God's Wrath

    Sol Friedman / 2015
  • 7.11

    The Sniper of Kobani

    Reber Dosky / 2015
  • 7.07

    Hopptornet (Ten Meter Tower)

    Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck / 2016
  • 7.02

    Refugee Blues

    Stephan Bookas & Tristan Daws / 2016
  • 6.69

    The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere

    Mickey Duzyj / 2016
  • 6.65

    My Aleppo

    Melissa Langer / 2015 Jury's First Prize, consisting of 4,000 € and a trophy.
    “In a very devoted and curious way, Melissa Langer puts light on the details that weave a Syrian family that made the decision to flee the civil war. Step by step, a strong cinematographic language reveals the evolution of the caracters, the increase of tension and the pain to handle this dificult situation. My Aleppo is a film that seeks to understand from the very inside. We were emotionally touched by the captations that put us right into the situation as we could ourselves feel the despair, anger and helplessness of the family.”

  • 6.44

    Slimaki (Snails)

    Grzegorz Szczepaniak / 2015
  • 6.2


    Albert Busquets / 2015
  • 6.18

    Pien de Bijenkoningin (Pien, Queen of the Bees)

    Ellen Vloet / 2015
  • 5.92

    El buzo (The diver)

    Esteban Arrangoiz / 2015
  • 5.91

    The Send-Off

    Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan / 2015
  • 5.77

    Pele de Pássaro (Bird Skin)

    Clara Peltier / 2015 Jury's Special Prize, consisting of a diploma.
    “Clara Peltier creates the atmosphere we need to feel the skin of the main character: a woman who struggles to survive working as a dancer in carnaval costume with a painful smile in her face. In a powerful and clever approach, Pele de Pássaro questions the role of black women in Brazil and show us how the folklore figure of a country can be a burden and a cage for part of our society.”

  • 5.46

    My Enemy, My Brother

    Ann Shin / 2015
  • 5.33


    Nathan Silver / 2015
  • 4.77

    Der bittere Apfel vom Stamm (The bitter apple from the tree)

    Hana Kim / 2015 Special mention of the jury.
    “Through the portrait of her mother, Anna kim draws in an extremely mastered way the caracteristics of the South Korean culture. We want to congratulate her for taking the risk of facing such intimate and delicate captations by finding the right angle and also the right distance. The tempo of her editing and the sensivity of her compositions made us dive into a very distinguished and poetic universe in which she expresses her most profound feelings in a reachable way.”

  • 3.76

    Schicht (Shift)

    Alex Gerbaulet / 2015





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