30 APRIL / 10 MAY


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Director:Alba Sotorra Clua
Screenplay: Isa Campo
Photography: Jimmy Gimferrer
Edition: Cristóbal Fernández, Cristóbal Fernández
Sound: Alejandro Castillo
Music: Michael Fakesch
Production: Gaia Audiovisuals S.L., Promarfi Futuro 2010 S.L., Dirk Manthey Films, Loto Films S.L., Televisión Española, Televisió de Catalunya
Producers: Carles Pastor, Marta Figueras, Dirk Manthey


Friday 1st - 22:30
documentamadridCINETECA - PLATÓ

Saturday 2nd - 17:00
documentamadridCINETECA - PLATÓ

Poster Game Over

International Sales:
Gaia Audiovisuals S.L., gaiaaudiovisuals@gaiaaudiovisuals.com, T: +34 96 391 27 73

Game Over

Alba Sotorra Clua
78' / 2015 / Germany, Spain
Web: www.gameoverfilm.com
Catalan, Spanish, Farsi
English and spanish subtitled

Djalal is a young man who struggles to find his place in the real world. He's obsessed with Lord_Sex, his avatar on the internet. He has been constructing his cyber identity since his teenagehood, filming himself reenacting military operations, and uploading his videos in Youtube. He has thousands of followers. He also has one of the largest private military collection of weapons and military equipment.
Following his dream, Djalal enlisted in the Spanish army and volunteered to be sent to the Afghan front. He spent six months there with his videocamera, filming the down times. Then he decided to leave the army. But it wasn't because he couldn't take the fear, but rather because he was bored: war is not like in the movies.
Djalal comes back home disenchanted, looking for a something to do with his life. His return is not an easy one. The economic crisis which was beginning when he set off has mushroomed, hitting his own family. His father, with whom Djalal has been living since his parents divorced, has lost his job and has been forced to sell the family home. For the time being, father and son carry on living there, but soon they will have to leave.
In such a situation, the normal thing would be for a bright young man like Djalal to look for a job and contribute to the family finances. But Djalal does nothing of the kind. He spends the day with his girlfriend Cristina, postponing his decision of growing up. But soon the situation will be unsustainable, and he will have to take a difficult decision: he will get ride of his cyber identity by deleting Lord_Sex, his avatar, and he will sell his military equipment.

Director's Biography

Alba Sotorra is a film director and videoartist based in Berlin. Her work focuses on real stories of genuine characters that reflect on controversial issues like Islam and women, motherhood, popular culture, development, capitalism, international cooperation, warmongering and change climate. Through creative documentary, web-based documentary and AV Installation, she aims to open spaces for reflection and discussion to facilitate understanding of the world in constant change in which we live. She has worked, filmed and lived worldwide. She has directed the documentaries “Game Over” (2015), “Qatar the Race” (2011) and “Unveiled views” (2008). She is currently developing a transmedia project on climate engineering and a documentary on subversive motherhoods.





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