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CANAL +  award to the best Spanish Documentary  

CANAL + collaborates with Documenta Madrid 2013 granting the CANAL+ Award to the Best Documentary Film within the Panorama of Spanish Documentary Cinema Section. The channel will choose the winner according to its artistical and production values. The award will consist of the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of the awarded film to include it in the CANAL + broadcasting network programming, and a trophy. 

Pepe el Andaluz, by Alejandro Alvarado & Concha Barquero.

"CANAL + awards an excellent cinematographic story, a spectacular investigation of the intimate memories of a family, faced with courage but also with extreme delicacy. A personal story full of feeling which vindicates the stories of many families in our country who have suffered the consecuences of war and emigration." 

FREAK Special Award
The international sales agency for independent films, Freak, collaborates with Documenta Madrid 2013 giving a special award to support the distribution of the short length documentary film of the Official Selection thah is most voted on by the public. The price will consist of the free distribution of the documentary film in 50 international festivals during 6 months.

 Geluiden voor Mazin (Sounds for Mazin), de Ingrid Kamerling 

MASTER IPECC Special Award to the Best Short Documentary Film
The award, decided by a specific jury, will grant the director of the winning short a complete scholarship for the II Master’s Degree in Documental Cinema Direction and Production organized by the IPECC where s/he will have the opportunity of preparing his/her first feature film. The Jury for this Award was made up of teachers and students from the current Master’s Degree in Documentary of the IPECC.

A Conserveira, de David Batlle.

"For turning the story in the film into a real production line, composing and preserving an accurate point of view, which incorporates form and content in the same way as tradition, machine and workers have become inseparable at the Conserveira, the factory where the characters in this outstanding film consume their lives."


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