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Director:Ana Aurora Rodríguez García
Screenplay: Ana Aurora Rodríguez
Photography: Ole Thomas, Fran G. Vera
Sdition: Marta Llena
Sound: Peter Memmer
Music: Experimental Little Monkey
Executive producers: Luis Vidal Vigil (Siurell Films S.L.)
Production: Siurell Films

Saturday 11th - 23:30
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA B


Ana Aurora Rodríguez García
9' / 2012 / Spain
No dialogues

The streets and people of the Madrid neighbourhood of Lavapiés change during their local holidays. In this social picture there are no main characters, but hundreds of people who move across the urban landscapes of Lavapiés, the real main character of this film.

Main Festivals & Awards

Mejor Cortometraje y Mejor Fotografía / Best Short Film and Best Cinematography Award Winning - Festival de Cortometrajes de UNED de Costa Rica, 2012
Mejor Documental extranjero / Best Documentary (Foreign Competition) - II Festival Plasma en Corto, Durango, México 2012
Stockholm Film Festival 2012
Atlantidoc. Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Uruguay
Festival Mecal Chile 2012

Director's Biography

Ana Aurora Rodríguez is born in Reinosa (Cantabria, España) in 1982. She studies Hispanic Philology in Salamanca due to her interest in telling stories. Her early cinema vocation takes her towards film direction and in 2007 she enters the ECAM (Madrid Film Studies Academy). During the three years of her studies, she directs several short films. At the same time, she takes part in professional productions with the aim of obtaining as much shooting experience as possible. In 2010 she obtains her degree with the short film La Lavadora, her end of year project, shot in 35mm, which is premiered at the SEMINCI of that year and which has been selected in more than seventy festivals and awarded with various prizes. Currently she lives in Mexico and combines her work as editor with the development of various personal projects, as well as with the distribution of her first short documentary film Verbenas.


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